Processing of Power Supply and Ground Line

- Nov 30, 2018-

Even the whole PCB trackings are done good, but due to not considerate for power supply and the ground tracking, which make product performance degradation, sometimes even affect the product success rate. So the electricity and ground tracking should be taken seriously,and try best to reduce the noise and ground tracking produced by electricity to the minimum, to ensure the quality of the products.

For every engineer engaged in the design of electronic products, the causes of noise generated between ground and power lines are well understood. The following is the description of noise reduction and suppression:

It is well known that decoupling capacitance is added between power supply and ground tracking.

Try to widen the width of power supply and ground tracking, preferably the ground line is wider than the power line, their relationship is: ground line> power line> signal line, usually the width of the signal line is:0.2~0.3mm, the most fine width is 0.05~0.07mm, the power line is 1.2~2.5 mm.

For the PCB of digital circuit, a circuit can be made up of wide ground conductors, that is, a ground network can be formed (the ground of analog circuit cannot be used in this way), a large area of copper layer can be used as the ground line, and all unused places on the printed circuit board can be connected to the ground as the ground line, or it can be made into multi-layer PCB board, one layer for power supply and one layer for ground line.