Printed circuit board PCB copy board technology

- Jul 22, 2017-

The first step, get a PCB, firstly record on the paper about all the models of gas, parameters, and location, especially the direction of diodes, transistors and IC gaps. It is best to take two photos about location of componets by digital camera.

    The second step, remove all the devices, and remove the tin in PAD holes. clean PCB by alcohol, and then into the scanner, start POHTOSHOP, with color way to sweep the silk surface, and print out the spare.


    The third step,polishe TOP LAYER and BOTTOM LAYER slightly by water yarn paper till the copper film shiny, into the scanner, start PHOTOSHOP, scan the two layers separately. Note that the PCB placed in the scanner must be horizontal flat tree straight, otherwise the scanned image can not be used, please select the scanner resolution 600.


    The fourth step, adjust the contrast of the canvas, brightness, so that part of copper film and part of no copper film contrast, and then sub-map to black and white, check the line if not clear, if not clear, repeat this step. If clear, store the graph as black and white BMP format files TOP.BMP and BOT.BMP. With the image processing software transfer the size of the picture at this time into the original physical size of 38.64 times, and then BMP to PCB software conversion. Note: BMP images to be stored in black and white format, do not store into other color format, or BMP to PROTEL file software can not be converted.


    The fifth step,converte two BMP format files to PROTEL format files, in the PROTEL transferred into two layers,if two layers of PAD and VIA location are coincidence basicly, indicate that the first few steps did well, if There is a deviation, then repeat the third step.


    The sixth step will transfer TOP. BMP to TOP. PCB, pay attention to transfer to the SILK layer, that is the yellow layer , and then you line in the TOP layer, and place devices according to the second step of the drawings. Draw the SILK layer after painting.


    The seventh step will transfer BOT. BMP to BOT. PCB, pay attention to trasfer to the SILK layer, that is the yellow layer ,and then you line the BOT layer. Draw the SILK layer after painting.

    Step eighth, in the PROTEL mix TOP. PCB and BOT. PCB into a map.


    Step nineth, with the laser printer TOP LAYER, BOTTOM LAYER were printed on the transparencies (1: 1 ratio),put the film on the piece of PCB, compare whether no mistake, if yes, you're done.