Metal core PCB LED circuit Board

- Jul 05, 2017-

MCPCB or calls Metal Core PCB, IMS PCB, Aluminum PCB or calls Insulated Metal Substrate PCB, which means the base material for PCB is metal, not normal FR4 material, The heat dissipation of metal core PCB is improved through affixing the common PCB to another copper or aluminum metal with better thermal conductivity.The metal substrate normally included aluminum, copper, iron and silicon steel plate, insulating media with high thermal conductivity.The main difference between a FR4 PCB and MCPCB is the thermal conductive dielectric material in the Metal Core PCB. This acts as a thermal bridge between the IC components or LED lighting and metal backing plate. Heat is conducted from the package through the metal core to another heat sink. In addition,The metal core PCB with both silicon,iron base and steel base are excellent in electrical properties, permeability, pressurization and high strength and are mainly used in brushless DC motor PCB, tape recorders PCB and intelligent driver PCB.

MCPCB Applications:

1. Automotive ECM, Automotive Electronics, ABS brakes, and power steering modules.

2. LED lighting PCB applications,Transport lighting,automobile lighting,interior lighting.

3. Power conversion devices, electric regulator ,voltage stabilizer, Diskette Drive.

4. Motor Drives, Heat-Rail and Forming, Solid state relays/ switches.

5. Servers and desktop computers.