LED Future Trends

- Jul 11, 2017-

LED industry is about to usher in 2014 , is a major new market tablet PCs and smart mobile phone backlight applications, and LED lighting market in engineering ( eg supermarkets ) , commercial such as office buildings , outdoor lighting, road lighting as the main market in . The LED will usher in the next six development direction. Six directions: TV backlight , tablet PCs, mobile applications, LED display, LED lighting, backlighting and lighting interoperable products.

1 TV backlight limited future growth momentum

According to statistics , LED backlighting for TV penetration will reach 95% in 2013 . By penetration saturation and end TV sales growth slowing effect in 2014 in TV backlight LED output will fall face first .

2 tablet computer market is still the main growth momentum backlight

2013 tablet computer by the traditional off-season , coupled with channel inventory level is high, as expected third- quarter shipments , annual shipments revised down to one hundred ninety-six million units, annual shipment growth forecast of 33.6 from the beginning % to 31.1% , showing a slight cooling plate has been shipped , although growth has slowed down next tablet computer , but compared to other IT products is still much room for growth . Agency estimated 2013 ~ 2017 LED backlighting applications in flat panel computer output on compound annual growth rate of 8 % .