How is Coil PCB Distinguished from Module PCB

- Nov 24, 2018-

Coil pcb: the circuit diagram is based on winding,its etching circuit replace traditional copper line turns, mainly used in inductive components, with measurement, high precision, good linearity, simple structure and a series of advantages.

Module board, have you heard of module, program module? The so-called module pcb board is a collection of units that can achieve a certain function. If these modules are made into pcb boards separately, they will become to module boards, such as display pcbs and power pcbs.For air conditioning it has AD/DA module, clock module, etc., they can be made into small boards,and then are plugged into the main control board to be applied. So for different specifications of air conditioning, if power module is the same, you can use the same model of power board, do not have to redesign, to reduce the cost.

In comparison, coil pcb is more portable, small in size and light in weight, with open coil, convenient access and wide frequency range. From the drawing, the coil pcb has obvious differences, there are a lot of fingerprint-like winding.