Heavy Copper PCB introduction

- Jul 08, 2017-

  1. Heavy Copper PCB or calls Power Supply PCB is manufactured with copper weights anywhere between 3-20oz/ft2, Copper weights above 20oz/ft2 are also possible and are referred to as extreme copper. the increased copper weight combined with a suitable substrate and thicker plating for the through holes transforms the once unreliable,weak PCB into a durable and reliable wiring platform. Now various power electronics products are being designed every days for a range of applications: such as Power line monitors, High power rectifiers, planar transformers, and power convertors,etc . 

2. Heavy copper PCB used for High power and high current circuits and their control circuits were designed or produced separately on separate PCB. Heavy Copper PCB makes it possible to integrate high current circuits and control circuits to realize a highly dense, in a simple board structure,also the advantages include reduced layer count,low impedance power distribution,smaller footprints and potential cost savings.The features of Heavy Copper PCB can be seamlessly connected to normal PCB, The board incorporating Heavy Copper PCB are produced in the same way, albeit with specialized etching and plating techniques, such as high speed/step plating and heavy copper differential etching. 

3 Heavy Copper PCB Advantages:   

1, Increased endurance to PCB thermal strains.

2, Increased current carrying capacity for the circuits.

3, Increased PCB mechanical strength at connector sites or PTH holes.

4, Heavy copper PCB used to avoid all of potential circuit failure (i.e.,high temperature).

5, Reduced PCB size by incorporating multiple copper weights on the same layer . 

6, Plated vias carry higher current through the PCB and help to transfer the heat.

7, PCB heatsinks directly plated onto the board surface using up to 10-20oz copper.