Grading basis of large core plates

- May 18, 2017-

Large core plates According to the quality of the material and the texture of the surface can be divided into "excellence", "first-class products" and "qualified products." There are enterprises of the plates are classified as a Class A, double A and three A level, but this is only business behavior, the national standard does not have "3 A level", the current market is not allowed to appear such annotations. Large core plate of the material has many kinds, such as poplar, birch, pine, paulownia and so on, among which Poplar, Birch for the best, dense texture, wood is not soft and hard, strong grip nail force, not easy to deform. And the paulownia texture is softer, absorb moisture, not easy drying, made of plates in the use of the process, when the moisture evaporation, the plates prone to cracking and deformation. and hard wood texture, not easy to suppress, splicing structure is not good, the nail grip is poor, deformation coefficient is large.

Surface material can be on both sides of the plate core a-storey or two-storey veneer, which can be classified as three-layer blockboard and five-layer joinery panels, surface materials by tree species are divided into Liu An, beech wood, teak and so on. Good quality of large core plate surface smooth, not easy warping distortion, and can be based on the sanding situation of the plate into a light and two types of light.