FPC PCB Functions and Benefits

- Jun 30, 2017-

FPC PCB Functions and Property:

1.High flexibility, allow 3D metal wiring assembly and take shape along with the package.

2.Reduction in package size & weight, increased functions,enhance cost-effective.

3.Easy for product design and assembly, enhance the product system reliability and repeatability.

4.Fine line/space, Eliminate connectors,enable dynamic flexing and improve aesthetics.

5.Dimensionally stable, excellent chemical resistant.

6.Excellent electrical properties, withstood thermal shock,low in moisture absorption and non-flammable.

Flex PCB Benefits:

1.Excellent Flexibility: Stable and repeating flexibility is helpful for 3D electronic products assembly.

2.Lower Toughness: Lower toughness is benefit for standing more thermal stress and reducing the joint cracking risk.

3.Thin dielectric: Thin dielectric could have better flexibility and better heat transfer, those will be benefit for structure design and thermal management.

4.Good manufacturability: Some flexible material can use laser or chemical etch create pads or window then could be used in double access applications.

5.Great high temperature performance: PI material could be operated under high temperature environment then can be fit for high temperature applications.

6.Multi-plane connection and size shrinking: Flexible boards could be bended and binding with rigid-flex technology then can reduce connector and terminator using that can reduce weight.

7.High space utilization: Flexible boards can replace many connecting parts and join multi plane boards then by these strength can saving space and make design easier.