Flexible PCB Board From Shenzhen

- Jun 30, 2017-

  1. 1.Flexible PCB or FPC PCB or Flexible circuit technology opens the window to new opportunities for engineers and PCB designers to make a complete transition to the third dimension of interconnection. Flexible circuits now also continue to provide the very best and most practical solutions to interconnecting electronic elements that must move relative to each other.it have two important features is motion and three-dimensional interconnection.also with reduction in package size and weight, increased functions, Easy for product design and assembly,enhance the product system reliability and repeatability,enhance cost-effective.

Flex PCB Types:

1. Single-sided Flex PCB

2. Double access or back bared Flex PCB

3. Sculptured Flex PCB(Single side Double Access)

4. Double-sided Flex PCB(or Single side plus single side)

5. Multilayer Flex PCB

6. Rigid-Flex board 

7. COF (Clip on film) 

8. Polymer thick film Flex PCB

2.Rigid-flex PCB is the circuit board using a combination of flexible PCB and rigid PCB board technologies in an application, Most of Rigid-Flex PCB consist of multiple layers of flexible circuit plates attached to one or more rigid boards externally and/or internally, depending upon the design of the application. Rigid-Flex PCB are a key enabling technology for products ranging from simple consumer goods to Military Electronics,they are the key elements in such diverse products as Cell Phones, medical equipments, security products, keyboards, hard disk drives, printers, and it become more and important in PCB field in the future.