Five major development trends of PCBA

- May 18, 2017-

· Vigorously develop high-density interconnection technology (HDI)-The HDI concentrated embodiment of the most advanced PCB technology, it provides the PCB with fine wire, small aperture.

· Embedded technology with strong vitality-embedded technology of components is a huge transformation of PCB function IC, PCB manufacturers should increase resource input in the system including design, equipment, testing and simulation, to maintain strong vitality.

· PCB materials conforming to international standards-high heat resistance, high glass transition temperature (TG), low thermal expansion coefficient, small dielectric constant.

· The bright future of optoelectronic PCB-it utilizes the optical channel layer and the circuit layer to transmit the signal, this new technology key is to make the optical road layer (optical waveguide layer). It is an organic polymer that is formed by lithographic lithography, laser ablation, reactive ion etching and other methods.

· Update manufacturing process and introduce advanced production equipments.