Backplane PCB

- Jun 29, 2017-

  1. 1,Backplane PCB is one kind of special PCB, usually used in minicomputers and high reliability applications.To be a group of electrical connector in parallel with each others, each pin in PCB to each connectors are linked to the same relative pins of all the other connectors forming a internal systems.That is used as a backbone to connect several PCBs together to make up a complete system.

  2. 2, Backplane PCB is often described as being either active or passive. Active backplanescontain, in addition to the sockets, logical circuitry that performs computing functions. In contrast, passive backplanes contain almost no computing circuitry.
    Traditionally, most PCs have used active backplanes PCB. also including Consumer Electronics PCB, Indeed, the terms motherboard and backplane have been synonymous. Recently, though, there has been a move toward passive backplanes, with the active components such as the CPU inserted on an additional card. Passive backplanes make it easier to repair faulty components and to upgrade to new components.