PCB Board Design For 8 Layers

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After PCB wiring layer out done, next we need to do checking and examining output as belows.

1.1  check

The items need to be checked are Clearance, Connectivity, High Speed, and Plane of PCB board design, which can be done by selecting tools-> Verify Design.If set the high speed rule, you must check, otherwise you can skip this item. If you find some errors, you must modify the layout and wiring.

Some errors can be ignored. For example, some outline of plugins are placed outside the board frame, and errors may occur when checking the spacing.In addition, after each modification of wiring and hole, the copper shall be re-coated.

1.2  review
Review according to the "PCB checklist", including design rules, layer definition, line width, spacing, solder pad, and hole setting.
It is also important to review the rationality of device layout, wiring of power supply and ground wire network, wiring and shielding of high-speed clock network, decoupling capacitor placement and connection, etc. If unqualified, the designer shall modify the layout and wiring, and if qualified, the reviewer and the designer shall sign respectively.

1.3  PCB design output

PCB board design can be output to the printer or output optical drawing files. The printer can print the PCB layer by layer for convenience of the designer and reviewer.The output of optical drawing files is very important, which is related to the success or failure of this design. The following will focus on the matters needing attention in the output of optical drawing files.
A. The layers to be output include wiring layer (including top, bottom and middle wiring layer), power layer (including VCC layer and GND layer), silkscreen layer (including top layer and bottom layer), soldering layer (including top layer and bottom layer), and NC Drill file generation.
B. If the power layer is set to Split/Mixed, select Routing in the Document item of the Add Document window, and copper coat the Plane Connect of Pour Manager should be used for PCB diagram before output light drawing file;If you set CAM Plane, select Plane. When setting the Layer option, add Layer25 and select Pads and Viasc in the Layer25. In the Device Setup window, change the Aperture value to 199.
D. When setting up the Layer of each Layer, select the Board Outline.
E. When setting PCB board desing screen printing Layer, do not select Part Type, select Top layer,Outline, Text and Line of screen printing Layer.
F. When setting PCB soldering resistance Layer, the selection of hole means no soldering resistance is added on the hole, and the selection of hole means adding soldering resistance, which shall be determined according to the specific situation.
G. Use the default PowerPCB Settings when generating drilling files without making any changes.
H. After all light drawing files are output, open and print them with CAM350, and the designer and reviewer shall check them according to the "PCB checklist".

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