High Quality 10 Layers FR4 Rigid PCB with High Density BGA

Layer: 8layers
Board thickness:1.6mm
Copper thickness:H/H oz
Line/ space width: 4mil/4mil
Surface treatment: Immersion gold

Product Details


Layer: 8layers
Board thickness:1.6mm
Copper thickness:H/H oz
Line/ space width: 4mil/4mil
Surface treatment: Immersion gold
Solder mask: Yellow
Rounting: CNC
Application: Electronic commerce products.

Key Specifications/Special Features:
Layer: 1-16
Material: FR4 Laminate RoHS Compliance/High TG/Halogen Free/Aluminum Base
PCB Thickness: 0.4-4.0mm
Max Board Size:580x1200mm
Final Copper: 0.5-8oz
Min.Hole Size : 0.1mm
Min Line Width/Spacing: 3/3mil(0.075/0.075mm)
Hole Size Tolerance (PTH): +/ -3mil (0.075mm)
Hole Size Tolerance (NPTH): +/ -2mil (0.05mm)
Hole Location Tolerance: +/ -3mil (0.075mm)
Soldermask: Green/Blue/Red/Black/Yellow/White/Gray
Legend: White/Black/Yellow/Green/Grey
Surface Treatment: OSP/LF HASL/Immersion Gold/immersion Tin/Flash gold/Hard gold
Profile Finish: Routing/Punching/V-Cut
E-Test: 100% E-Test With Flying Prob or E-Test Fixture
Inspection Standard: IPC-A-600H/IPC-6012B, Class 2
Outgoing Reports: Final Inspection, E-Test, Solderability Test, Microsection and so on.
PCB Packing: Inner packing: Vacuum packing / Plastic bag
Outer packing: Standard carton packing
Certificates: UL, SGS, RoHS, ISO9001:2000


There are also two ways of laying, manual and automatic.PowerPCB provides powerful manual laying, including automatic extrusion, online design rule check (DRC), specctra's cabling engine is responsible for automatic cabling. The two methods are usually used in conjunction with each other. The usual steps are manual - automatic - manual.

1.1 manual laying

1. Before automatic laying line, manually lay out some important networks, such as high-frequency clock, main power supply, etc., which often have special requirements on tracking distance, line width, line spacing and shielding, etc.; Other special packages, such as BGA, automatic laying is difficult to do, regularly and manual laying is required.

2. After automatic laying, PCB tracks shall be adjusted by manual laying.

1.2 automatic laying

After manual laying is finished, the rest network is handed over to automatic laying device. Select tools-> SPECCTRA, start the interface of SPECCTRA cabling, set the DO file, press Continue to start SPECCTRA cabling automatically, if the routing pass rate is 100, then manually adjust the tracking.If it is less than 100, it indicates that there is some problem for the layout or manual laying, so need to adjust the layout or manual laying until all the tracking is completed.

1.3 matters needing attention

A. Thicken the power line and ground line as much as possible;

B. Decoupling capacitor shall be directly connected with VCC as far as possible;

C. When setting the DO file of Specctra, first add the Protect all wires command to protect the manual wiring from rewiring by automatic wiring device;

D. If there is a mixed power layer, this layer should be defined as Split/mixed Plane. Break it up before wiring. After wiring, Pour Manager's Plane Connect is used to coat copper.

E. Set all device Pins to thermal soldering pins by setting Filter as Pins, selecting all pins, modifying properties and checking before Thermal option;

F. Turn DRC option on when routing manually and use Dynamic Route.


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