Electronic FR4 PCB With High-tech

Electronic FR4 PCB with High-tech,Since Aibixing PCB establishment, we have established good cooperative relations with a number of domestic and foreign companies, providing customers with a series of services including design, component procurement, mass production, testing and assembly, until the finished products.

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Electronic FR4 PCB with High-tech

Introduction to copper clad sheet for PCB
The main material of PCB is copper clad board, while the copper clad board is made of substrate, copper foil and adhesive.The base plate is composed of polymer synthetic resin and reinforcing material.The surface of the substrate is covered with a layer of pure copper foil with high conductivity and good welding performance, and the commonly used thickness is 35-50/ma.The copper clad sheet covered with copper foil on one side of the substrate is called single-sided copper clad sheet,two sides covered with copper foil is called double-sided copper clad sheet. Whether the copper foil can be securely attached to the substrate is done by the binder.Common copper clad sheet has 3 kinds thickness of 1.0mm,1.5mm and 2.0mm.
There are many types of copper clad sheet.According to different insulating materials can be divided into paper base board, glass cloth base board and synthetic fiber board.According to the binder resin is divided into phenolic, epoxy, polyester and ptfe, etc.According to the use can be divided into general type and special type. 

2.The structure and characteristics of copper clad plate commonly used in China
(1) copper-clad phenolic paper laminate
It is a laminated product made of insulating impregnated paper(TFz-62) or cotton impregnated paper (1tz-63) impregnated with phenolic resin through hot pressing. Two surface adhesive paper can be attached with a sheet of alkali-free glass impregnated cloth, and one side is coated with copper foil.Used primarily as a printed circuit board in radio equipment.
(2) copper-clad phenolic glass cloth laminate
It is a laminated product made of epoxy phenolic resin impregnated with alkali-free glass cloth by hot lamination. The copper foil is applied on one side or both sides, which has the advantages of light weight, good electrical and mechanical properties and convenient processing.Its board surface is light yellow, if using melamine as curing agent, the board surface is light green, with good transparency.It is mainly used as PCB in the radio equipment with higher working temperature and frequency.
(3) copper-clad ptfe laminate
It is a kind of copper clad board made of polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe) plate and hot pressed copper foil.Mainly used for printing board in high frequency and uhf circuits board. 
(4) laminate with copper foil epoxy glass cloth
It is a common material for hole metallization board.
(5) flexible polyester coated copper film
It is a kind of ribbon material made by hot pressing polyester film and copper.It is often impregnated into a whole with an epoxy resin for reinforcement or moisture-proof.Mainly used as flexible PCB circuit board and printed cable, can be used as the connector transition line.

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