8 layers BGA PCB with impedance control, HDI PCB factory in China.

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Detailed info: 

Layer: 8layers 
Board thickness:1.6mm 
Copper thickness:H/H oz 
Line/ space width: 4mil/4mil 
Surface treatment: Immersion gold 
Solder mask: Blue 
Rounting: CNC 

Special: BGA PCB, Impedance control, ENIG.
Application: Electronic commerce products.

The factor for Impedance control value:

(1) media thickness: the impedance is proportional to the impedance.The thickness of the dielectric is mainly determined by the measurement of the actual medium after the laminated layer is pressed.Therefore, when the BGA PCB designer considers the thickness of the dielectric, it is necessary to know the thickness of the PCB manufacturer and the thickness of the semi-solidified (PP) sheet and the thickness of the laminate (as well as know the material cost and simplify of production), in addition to the thickness and inner core board, half curing (PP) related outside, also distribution related with top and bottom line graphics, with a half curing (PP) piece of bonding between the two Zhang Datong surface with thickness after bonding between two lines is unequal.In calculating the impedance of the characteristic, it is necessary to consider whether the thickness of copper foil is included in the thickness.The thickness of the inner core plate of two decimal places is not copper, that is, the thickness of the inner core of the two decimal places is the thickness of the medium thickness and the thickness of the copper foil.

(2) wire spacing: the conductor spacing is closely related to the width and thickness of the conductor, and its main influencing factors are the analysis of the width and thickness of the wire in front.The BGA PCB designer also needs to understand the manufacturer.

(3) resistance welding thickness: the impedance is inversely proportional to the impedance.For the characteristic impedance plate, there is no need to seal the welding, such as the antenna microstrip, but some plates need to be imprinted.The printing plate is before and after the screen

The impedance value is different, so this is also a parameter to be considered, and it needs to be understood to BGA PCB manufacturers, and the resistance welding on the online road is different from the thickness of the resistance welding on the substrate.

The three main parameters mentioned above are the media thickness, followed by dielectric constant and line width, and finally copper thickness. The least influence is the thickness of the resistance welding.


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