Six Layers TG170 RoHS PCB

Six Layers TG170 RoHS PCB

With 300 workers, full-process equippted(including lamination,imersion Gold),we make 1~16layers pcb board in guaranteed quality.Welcome to your RFQ.

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Six Layers TG170 RoHS PCB

FR4 pcb, Tg170+/-5; Thickness1.6mm, 1/1/1/1 OZ (Base); 6L; 

SET size:168X112(1); 0.25/0.2(Line/space); 0.3(Min drill size); 

SMOBC(Blue); 2SS(White); ENIG(AU2u");

1> Rount length: 560/SET; hole count: 1560/SET; 
2> Finished board thickness 1.6mm+/-10%;
3> RoHS compliant;
4> Base copper thickness 35um(25um min), external layers finished copper thickness 55um;

7 days for 5pcs

HASL: the PCB adhered tin from the tin stove, is flowed away the redundant tin via hot air in high pressure, it's a technology of hot air leveling. (because it is not environmental protection due to contain with lead, now has a new alternative technology for lead free HASL.)

Electrolytic Gold: plate one layer gold on the surface of circuit lines in form of electrolysis, usually below the gold need to plate a layer nickel advanced in case of gold and copper moving when high temperature, also can increase contact resistance, this is what we usually say the electroless nickel & gold. Electric gold is divided into electrolytic hard gold and soft Gold.

ENIG: Electroless Ni&Immersion Gold(including two processes that Electroless nickel plating and immersion.)

Electroless nickel plated is a self-catalyzed reaction, and the nickel is deposited on copper by oxidation reduction.

The immersion is a displacement reaction, and the displacement reaction stops immediately after the gold is completely covered with nickel base.

OSP is short for Organic Solderability Preservative. It is also known as the copper protector, and also known as Preflux in English.

In general, the thickness of the organic soldering film is about 0.4mm, which can achieve multiple fusion welding. Although it is cheap and simple to operate, it has the following disadvantages:

A. OSP transparency is difficult to measure, and visual inspection is difficult.

B. multiple assembly must be operated in a nitrogenous environment.

C. If there is a partial gold plating and then do OSP, the copper contained in the operating tank solution may be deposited on the gold surface, which may cause certain problems for products.

D. OSP rework must be particularly careful (Galvanic effect).

With 300 workers, full-process equippted(including lamination,imersion Gold),we make 1~16layers pcb board in guaranteed quality.Welcome to your RFQ.

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