Electronics PCB Cosmetology Equipments PCB

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Electronics PCB Cosmetology Equipments PCB

Board material: FR4

Board thickness: 0.8mm

Layers: 4 layers

Min. hole diameter: 0.35mil

Min. line width: 5.6mil

Min. line distance: 6.2mil

Surface treatment: Immersion gold

Application: Cosmetology equipments,Beauty equipments PCB

When we do copper plating for multilayer electronics PCB, usually consume excessive chlorine ion.What is the reason?

Sometimes in low current zone PCB surface was "lackluster" when plate copper,that is because concentration of chlorine was low.Generally, after add hydrochloric acid, the "lackluster" phenomenon will disappear and the chloride concentration in the plating solution can reach normal range, the plating surface coating get bright.If solve the "lackluster" phenomenon by adding much hydrochloric acid, it is not necessarily because of low concentration of chloride ion, the real reason need to be analyzed.If adopt to add hydrochloric acid, there may be other consequences, and will increase production cost, which is not conducive to competition.

Analysis the reason of "plating layer no luster in low current density zone" correctly:

By adding much hydrochloric acid to eliminate the phenomenon of "coating without luster in low current density area", that shows chloride ion too little, so need to add hydrochloric acid to increase the concentration of chloride ions to reach normal range, and make the plating surface luster.If need to add multiple hydrochloric acid to make chloride concentration get to normal range, what's consuming so much chlorine ions? If chloride ions concentration is too high,it makes brightener burn faster,it shows the chloride ion and brightener can react, the excessive chlorine ion will be consumed;In turn, excessive brighteners also consume chlorine ions.So too little chloride ion and excessive brightener is the main reason for "coating without luster in low current density area",therefore, the main reason for the excessive consumption of chlorine ion in electronics PCB copper plating is brightener concentration too high.

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