Bluetooth Headset PCB 94V0 FR4 ISO Board

Bluetooth Headset PCB 94V0 FR4 ISO Board

Bluetooth Headset PCB 94V0 FR4 ISO Board, Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland),Base Material: FR4 TG170,Board Min. Hole Size: 0.20mm, Thickness: 1.6mm,Certificate: ISO.

Product Details

Bluetooth Headset PCB 94V0 FR4 ISO Board

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Number of Layers: 4-Layer
Base Material: FR4 TG135
Copper Thickness: 1oz
Board Thickness: 1.6mm
Min. Hole Size: 0.20 Mm
Min. Line Width: 3.8mil
Min. Line Spacing: 3.8mil
Surface Finishing: LF HASL
Type: Electronic Board
Solder mask: Green
Certificate: ISO
Shipment: DHL FEDEX or UPS

As electronic equipment becomes more and more sensitive, which requires more and more anti-interference capability of equipment, PCB design becomes more difficult. Here introduces some tips for reducing noise and electromagnetic interference in PCB design.

(1) use low-speed chips instead of high-speed ones. High-speed chips are used in key places.
(2) the control circuit speed of jump up and down can be reduced by using a series of resistance.
(3) provide some form of damping for relays, etc.
(4) use the minimum frequency clock that meets the system requirements.
(5) the clock generator is as close as possible to the device using the clock.Quartz crystal oscillator case to be grounded.
(6) use the land line to circle the clock zone, and the clock line should be as short as possible.
(7) I/O drive circuit should be as close to PCB edge as possible.Add filtering to the signal to the signal entered the board, also should add filterto the signal from the high noise area, use the method of series terminal resistance at the same time, reduce signal reflection.
(8) the MCD useless terminal shall be connected to high, or grounded, or defined as the output terminal, and all the terminal of the integrated circuit shall be connected to the power source ground if needed, not suspended.
(9) the idle gate input terminal should not be suspended, the idle operation put positive input terminal is grounded, and negative input terminal is connected with output terminal.
(10) the PCB should use 45 broken lines instead of 90 broken lines to reduce the emission and coupling of high frequency signals.
(11) the PCB is divided according to the frequency and current switching characteristics, and the noise and non-noise components should be further away from each other.

(12) single-point power supply and single-point grounding are used for single-sided and double sided PCBs. The power line and ground line should be as thick as possible. If it is economical, multi-layer board should be used to reduce power supply and ground capacitive inductance.


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