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6 Layer PCB with BGA ENIG PCB

Early soldering on the circuit board are traditional plug-in(DIP), can really take the welding parts feet as test points, because traditional parts of welding feet strong enough, not afraid of needle, but often have poor contact probes of misjudgment occurs, because general electronic components after wave soldering, wave soldering or SMT solder, on the solder surface usually form a layer of solder paste flux residual film, the film of the impedance is very high, often cause poor contact probe, so at that time, are a common test operators of production line, regularly take a hard blow air gun, or wipe the area with alcohol.
In fact, after wave soldering test points will also have the problem of poor probe contact.Later after SMT prevailed, test misjudgment situation had very big improvement, the application of the test point has also been greatly rewarded, because SMT parts are usually very weak, cannot bear the direct contact with the pressure of test probe, using the test point can not let the probe in direct contact to the parts and its welding feet, not only to protect parts from harm, also indirectly promote reliability testing, because misjudgment is less.
However, with the development of science and technology, the size of the circuit board is becoming smaller and smaller, small circuit board light to squeeze down so many electronic parts have some difficulty, so the test point occupies space of circuit board, often in the design end and manufacturing end tug-of-war.The appearance of the test point is usually round, because the probe is also round, it is easier to produce, and it is easier to make adjacent probes close to each other, so as to increase the needle density of the needle bed.

Parameters of acumen TSK stress-strain tester:
1) input channel: 8-64 channels for customers to choose.
2) Z large sampling rate: 10KS/s/all channels, high-speed synchronous acquisition
3) strain gauge type: 120Ω, a quarter of bridge
4) analog converter: 24-bit resolution
5) precision gain error: 0.02% (conventional measuring condition of 25℃ and +/-5℃)
6) filter: anti-aliasing filter
7) digital filter: user-defined high-pass/low-pass/band-pass/band-resistance filter
8) stability: temperature drift gain is less than 6ppm
9) full range: + 29.4mV/V (+62500uE/-55500uE)
10) over-voltage protection between terminals: +/-30V
11) chassis interface type: USB2.0 high-speed input
12) power supply: 11-30VDC, 220VAC
13) working temperature: -40℃~70℃, humidity: 10%~90%RH, no condensation
Storage temperature: -40℃~85℃, storage humidity: 5%~90% RH, no condensation
14) protection level: IP 40
15) strain gauge connection: quick connector or junction box
16) combined with the international PCB test standard Intel standard and IPC-9704 standard, automatically generate the report with one key and judge Pass or Fail

Application of acumen TSK stress strain tester:
Acmond TSK series stress tester can be used as mobile phone stress tester, computer motherboard stress tester, router stress tester and steel structure stress tester. It is mainly used in ICT stress test of PCB circuit board, FCT stress test, PCB assembly stress test and PCB drop stress test.

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