4 Layers PCB Medical PCB Custom PCB

Aibixing Industry mainly produce 1-16 layers PCB for 9 years.Our products are widely used in various areas including computer, medical equipment, automobiles, military, aviation/ aero space and all types of communications instrument.

Product Details

Application: Consumer Eletronics

Layer: 4

Material: FR4

Solder Mask: Green

Surface Treatment: ENIG

Outer Track W/S: 3.5/4mil

Inner Track W/S: 4/4mil

Board Thickness: 1.6mm

Min. Hole Diameter: 0.25mm

Custom pcb board circuit layout technique

1. The minimum width of custom pcb is related to the circuit current:

The line width is too small, the wire resistance is large and the voltage is large, affecting the circuit performance.

The line width is too wide, the wiring density is small, the pcb board area increased, not only increasing cost, also is not conducive to miniaturization.

If the current load is calculated by 20A/sqmm, when copper thickness is 0.5mm, the current load is 1A for 1mm (about 40mil) width.

So line width of 1-2.54mm (40-100mil) can meet general application requirement,for ground wire and power of high power devices PCB board, we can appropriately increase line width per power capability. While for small power digital circuit, in order to improve the wiring density, the minimum line width can be 0.254-1.27mm(10-15mil).

In the same custom pcb board, the power line and ground line are thicker than the signal line.

2. Line spacing:

When line space is 1.5mm (approximately 60mil), insulation resistance between lines is more than 20MOhm, maximum voltage is up to 300V. When the line spacing is 1mm (40mil), the maximum withstand voltage between lines is 200V, therefore, for low-mid voltage (line to line voltage is not greater than 200V)circuit board, the line spacing can be 1.0-1.5mm(40-60mil), for low-voltage circuit, such as digital circuit system, without considering the breakdown voltage, as long as the production process permits, line space can be small.

3. Welding pads:

For resistance of 1/8w, the welding coil diameter@28mil is enough.

In the case of 1/2w, the diameter is 32mil, so the lead hole diameter is large but copper ring width of the pad is relatively small, which causes the pad adhesion reduced and easy to fall,the lead hole too small also make components mounted difficultly.

4. Draw circuit frame:

The shortest distance between the frame line and the component pin pads cannot be less than 2mm, (generally 5mm is more reasonable) or the material is difficult to be mounted.

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