4 Layer High TG PCB Blank PCB

4 Layer High TG PCB Blank PCB

Aibixing Industry is an ISO 9001:2008, UL and RoHS certified, Shenzhen-based, high-end Printed Circuit Boards manufacturer. We specialize in quick turn PCBs and medium production.

Product Details

Application: Consumer Electronics

Layer: 4

Special Processing: High TG

Surface Finish: ENIG

Material: High TG FR4

Outer Track W/S: 3.5/4mil

Inner Track W/S: 4/3.5mil

Board Thickness: 1.0mm

Min. Hole Diameter: 0.2mm

PCB is what we call printed circuit board, process from drawing to circuit board is called blank PCB, after SMT(install components on the PCB board) process,the board is called PCBA.These PCBA can only be assembled with shell,after debugged program, then a complete electronic product is completed.

According to the survey found that a lot of small and medium-sized electronics manufacturers, to save the trouble of contacting SMT manufacturer again after PCB purchasing, more and more electronic products manufacturers, will choose to make PCB manufacturers also help do PCB assembly, or that make SMT factory also help purchasing PCB. These two modes, both make electronic product manufacturer, can do assembly directly after get blank pcb, then produce to finished product. Many manufacturers who can only produce PCB but not process PCBA, will lose customers who need to do assembly. Such customers will choose manufacturer who have the ability to produce PCB and do SMT at the same time, or select the SMT factory and let it also purchase PCB. 

Many people may ask SMY factory can purchase PCB, why PCB factory does not contact SMT factory.It is a very simple matter to purchase PCB for SMT manufacturer. Only need customer provide production drawing and production process, and PCB market price is very transparent, so PCB procurement is convenient.But PCB manufacturer has no knowledges to various components and their prices, it is difficult to for appropriate procurement of components,and difficult to contact SMT factory for assembly production, so put all the focus on producing PCB.

In recent years, PCB manufacturers have gradually expanded their plant and added PCBA assembly line while producing blank PCB.This one-step approach has been recognized by many electronics manufacturers.But this process is both advantageous and harmful.OEM manufacturers get more profit but at the same time the risks are increased. Mainly because, they purchase components for customers, each kind of products requires different components, if the components are purchased in the wrong type, all the boards and components will be scrapped, the direct losses are difficult to be estimated. Also manpower and material resources are needed to be increased.

We are one of the leading China manufacturers focusing on 4-6 Layers PCB fabrication. If you are interested in our 4 Layer High TG PCB Blank PCB, welcome to contact our factory. We're sure to offer you the best quality products on time and excellent one-stop service.
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