PCB ENIG, emersion gold PCB(2mil), 4-layer PCB.

Product Details

The Emersion gold pcb and chemical gold pcb is the same kind of technology products, electric gold pcb and flash gold pcb is the same kind of technology products, in fact just different term for different populations in PCB industry, pcb ENIG and electric gold board found in the mainland, while chemical gold pcb and flash gold pcb in Taiwan.

The ENIG pcb/chemical gold pcb is commonly called chemical nickel gold pcb or nickel dipping gold plate. The growth of nickel/gold layer is plated with chemical deposition. The electrical gold plate/flash gold pcb is generally called nickel gold plated pcb or flash gold plated pcb more formally, nickel/gold layer growth is plated by dc plating.

Why emersion gold

In order to solve the problems of gold-plated plate, PCB ENIG has the following characteristics:

1. Unlike the crystal structure formed by emersion and gold plating, heavy gold is more yellow than gold plating, and customers are more satisfied. 

2. Unlike the crystal structure formed by gold plating, heavy gold is easier to weld than gold plating, which does not cause welding problems and causes customer complaints. 

3. The transfer of signal in the skin effect is not affected by the signal in the copper layer. 

4. The crystal structure is more compact and less prone to oxidation due to gold plating. 

5. Because the ENIG pcb only has nickel gold on the solder plate, it will not produce gold wire for short. 

6. Because the pcb ENIG only has nickel in the welding plate, the resistance welding on the line is stronger than the copper layer. 

7. The engineering will not affect the spacing when making compensation. 

8. Due to the different crystal structure formed by the emersion gold and gold plating, the stress of the emersion gold is easier to control, which is more conducive to bonding process for the products of the state.It is also because the gold is softer than the gold plating, so the gold finger is not wear-resistant if made by ENIG. 

9. The flatness of the ENIG PCB is as good as the gold-plated pcb.

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