4-layer Coffee Machine PCB

4-layer Coffee Machine PCB

4-layer Coffee Machine PCB. Aibixing company is committed to high-precision printed circuit board production and R&D service, our team has ten years experience in pcb small and medium-sized bulk and sample making, fast technology provided and products are widely used in communications, industrial control, computer applications, aerospace, military, medical, test equipment and other fields. Multi-variety, small batch rapid production mode management is our specialty.

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4-layer Coffee Machine PCB

chemical solutions efficacy and configuration in the process of hole metallization for machine PCB

In the process of hole metallization, many electrochemical expertise is involved and many chemical drugs are used. The following is the specific efficacy and configuration method of these chemical solutions used in our machine pcb production.

3. Accelerated reducing solution: the main component of its chemical solution is KH-23-L.KH-23-L is used in the PTH activation process to regulate the absorbed catalyst, so that the chemical copper can be rapidly and evenly and firmly deposited on machine PCB board, and the influence of the activator can be reduced to the minimum to extend the service life of chemical copper plating solution.

Ratio of working fluid per liter: KH-23-L 150ml distilled water.

850ml preparation method: first input the pcb tank with 1/2 tank of distilled water. Add the required KH-23-L, stir while adding, and then adjust to the specified volume with distilled water. Each liter of CS-23-K concentrate solution can handle 40 square meters of machine pcb material, when the solution appears turbidity, should be discarded and reconfigured.

4. Copper precipitation solution: this is the most critical step in copper plating.The chemical solution is prepared as follows:

Ratio of working fluid per liter:

Sodium tartrate 40g/l  Sodium hydroxide 20g/l

Copper sulfate 14g/l   Thiourea 0.5g/l

Formaldehyde is 15 ml/l

Mixing method: potassium tartrate sodium and copper sulfate must be first poured into distilled water stir evenly, and then add sodium hydroxide, add formaldehyde and stir well before the copper precipitation process for machine pcb material.This medicine liquid is a disposable medicine liquid. Before copper precipitation, copper precipitation liquid should be prepared according to the size of pcb plate to avoid waste.

5. Copper plating solution: the main component of copper plating solution is copper sulfate, which can not only metallize the hole but also thicken the circuit board during electroplating.

Ratio of working fluid per liter:

Copper sulfate 75g/l   Sulfuric acid 98% 100ml/l

Hydrochloric acid 37% 0.132ml/l  Hz-601 (brightener) 8-15ml/l

Preparation method: add 2/3 distilled water into the plating bath and heat to 50-60 degrees (so that copper sulfate can be fully dissolved), and add copper sulfate and stir well. After cooling, slowly add the required amount of sulfuric acid and stir the solution as you add it.

Finally, add KH-601 brightener of the required amount.

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