Plug Hole PCB For High TG PCB

Plug Hole PCB For High TG PCB

Plug Hole Blind Hole PCB, High TG PCB, warp≤1%, min line width/space:0.1mm, copper thicness in hole:15-25um(0.79mil-1.0mil),CNC outline:±0.1mm(±4mil).

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Plug Hole PCB For Blind Holes High TG PCB

Current blind/buried hole process generally adopts the following techniques:

1. Resin filling (mostly used for inner layer PCB plugging or HDI/BGA packaging board)
2. Printing surface ink after PCB plugging is dried
3. Use blank network with plug and printing ink
4. Plug the PCB after HAL

High TGPCB process and analysis of advantages and disadvantages
High TGPCB is widely used in PCB industry as the main printing machine is a project widely owned by various manufacturers.And necessary tools such as: printing net plate under the screen, scraper,base plate, aligning pin and so on also is almost everywhere in the regular material.
Its process is not a very difficult operation, with a single stroke of the scraper printing PCB plug hole in the inner and aperture consistent position on the screen, by ink printing pressure will plug ink into the hole, at the same time to make the ink smoothly into down to the bottom of the hole plug hole inner lining PCB board, need to prepare a plate under for PCB plug hole breathable, make the air inside the hole in PCB in the process of the plug hole smooth discharge, and plug is 100% full.

Even so if you want to get the plug hole quality, conform to the requirements of the PCB, the key is the operations tuning parameters, which contains the screen mesh, tension, scraper hardness, angle, speed, etc,which all can affect the quality of PCB plug hole, PCB plug hole diameter and different aspect ratio also have different parameters, experienced workers are required to obtain good operation condition. 

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