Custom Circuit Board 12 layers PCB

ENIG PCB in panel,FR-4 circuit board,12 layers,line space:0.1mm, ISO,UL,RoHS.

Product Details

Detail info:

Layer: 12 layer

Board thickness:2.0mm

Copper thickness:.2.0oz

Surface treatment: Immersion gold

Solder mask: Green

Origin: China

Application: Electronic products

Common defects and solutions for graphics-plating copper in PCB production

With the fierce competition increasingly in custom circuit board industry, the manufacturers have to reduce costs to improve product quality, pursuit of zero defect, to achieve the goal of high quality and low price. But at the same time they also have more strict requirements for PCB appearance. In the case of graphics plating copper, the quality of the copper layer or other coating layer is also related to the finished product. Graphics plating copper with any defects such as coating rough, pitting the pinhole, pits and fingerprints, which influence the appearance of the finished product seriously, can be clearly revealed through the lead and tin plated layer or nickel gold-plated layer coated on PCB. 

Defect features and reasons

1 hemp point in plated layer

There are hemp points on surface of the graphic electroplated copper, which is prominent in the middle of the circuit board. The copper surface is uneven and the appearance is not good after the tin is removed.The surface flax points still exist after the cleaning of the brush board, indicating the root is activated carbon particles or other dirty things from the electroplating solution. The electroplating personnel do not operate according to the procedure of the process documents, and the solution is not fully circulated, which make the mechanical impurity affect the quality of the coating in the solution. Another factor is that after phosphor copper anode is cleaned, it work directly without electrolytic process, so don't generate a layer of black uniform phosphate film before in the anode surface, leading to a substantial accumulation of Cu+, then Cu+ produce copper powder by hydrolysis, finally making the coarse pitting.

2 plating layer has flowery

There are many reasons for the flowery in surface of electroplated copper: deoil, weak corrosion liquid, pre-immersion fluid, chloride ion concentration in the solution of graphic electroplating copper and the brightener FDT-1, they all affect the quality of the coating layer. The inaccuracy of chloride ion concentration analysis directly influences the adjustment of solution; Under the synergy of chloride ion and additives can obtain the ideal coating, so the strict control of process parameters is the key to produce qualified products, otherwise any parameter is out of control will lead to coating defects.

3 rough coating

Easy to find the reason of coating roughness, such as cathode current density is too large, unsufficient additives, copper ion content is low, the graphics area is wrong (a lot) or graphics area is with uneven distribution seriously, etc. For example, if the whole batch of circuit boards are rough, should check the composition of the solution, and confirm whether the light agent is sufficient and whether the current meter fails through the hall test.

4 Diffusion coating

The diffusion coating of praphic electroplated copper cause line irregularity, line spacing decreases, or lead to short circuit when seriously. Because the PCB surface cleaning is not enough (oil pollution point or oxidation) and combine of anti-corrosion agent is not good; or the lamination roller has pits, exposure machine has dirty points, the local contrast of production film is negative or sticky dust, all constitute the hidden dangers of praphic electroplated copper.Therefore, the cleaning process of brush board before film pasting should not be ignored.

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