12-layer with BGA/blind Holes for Electronic Control Board

12-layer with BGA/blind Holes for Electronic Control Board

Layer: 12layers
Board thickness:1.6+/-0.2mm
Copperweight:H/H oz
Line space/width: 0.15mm/0.15mm
Surface treatment:ENIG

Product Details


Layer: 12layers 

Board thickness:1.6+/-0.2mm 

Copperweight:H/H oz 

Line space/width: 0.15mm/0.15mm 

Surface treatment:ENIG 

Solder mask: Green 

Rounting: CNC/ V-Cut 


Special technology: Blind buried holes/ BGA. 

Application: Industrial control products. 

E-Test: 100% E-Test With Flying Prob or E-Test Fixture 

Inspection Standard: IPC-A-600H/IPC-6012B, Class 2/3 

Outgoing Reports: Final Inspection, E-Test, Solderability Test, Microsection and so on. 

PCB package: Vacuum packing / Plastic bag/ hard carton. 

Certifications: UL, TS16949, RoHS, ISO14001:2004, ISO9001:2000, SGS.

Line space tester 

The meaning of letters on a circuit board (PCB)

Rx is resistance, there are a lot of resistance in the circuit diagram, in order of the number, R1, R2...

Cx is non-polar capacitance, power input anti-disturbance capacitance

IC integrated circuit module

Ux is IC

Kx is defined differently for component libraries from different manufacturers

Tx is the test point (for factory test)

Spk1 is a Speaker

Qx is a triode

Jx is Jack(like Audio Jack)

Y1? Component library definitions vary from vendor to vendor

R (resistance)

FS (fuse)


CY(Y capacitor: high voltage ceramic capacitor, safety regulation)

CX(X capacitance: high voltage film capacitance, safety regulation)


C (capacitance)


ZD(voltage stabilizing diode)


U (IC)

J (jumper wire)

VR(adjustable resistance)

W regulator tube

K switch class

Y crystals

R107, C118, Q102, D202 and other Numbers are often seen on the circuit board. Generally, the first letter identifies the device category, such as R for resistor, C for capacitor, D for diode, Q for three-stage tube, etc. The second is the number, represents the circuit function number, such as "1" represents the motherboard circuit, "2" represents the power circuit and so on, which is determined by the circuit designer himself;The third and fourth digits indicate the serial Numbers of similar devices on the circuit board.

R117: resistance on the motherboard, serial number 17.

T101: transformer on main board.

SW102: switch

LED101: led

LAMP :(indicating) LAMP

Q104(E,B,C) : transistor, E: emitter,B: base,C: collector

"If R117 is a resistance, the two ends should be connected by a multimeter." it is not scientific to directly measure the resistance on the circuit board. The measurement result will be smaller than the actual value, or even much smaller.

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