RoHS FR4 PCB Telecom PCB

Custom PCB for Electronics appliance testing, 2-layer FR4, blue solder mask,1.6mm, custom PCB HDI PCB manufactuer in China.

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In the RoHS FR4 PCB display, solder mask is a very important part because it is the most intuitive external performance, and the solder mask ink gloss and flatness will make a good impression to the clients. 

Next, we will analyze the production note of solder mask ink in FR4 PCB production.

1.In the case of hue compliance, the less color kinds of the ink used, the easier to deploy and control. If you can use intercolor ink, do not use compound ink.

2.Confirm the main tone of the printed matter and the complementary tone, and make the main tone ink as the basic ink, other ink as the tone ink for adjustment.

3.When mixing samples and small sample inks,it's better to use the same paper as the paper we used in printing, because the color of the ink will change with the oil absorption of the paper. Only maintaining stable paper can avoid the color error caused by different paper.

4.Use common white card paper to make small sample, the thickness of ink layer will directly affect the ink color,if ink layer is thin,the brightness is high and color is light. Field or net line, wet pressure wet or wet pressing dry, powder large or small, paper surface smoothness and whiteness, thickness of the ink layer, these factores all affect the difference of color.

5.When adjust special color ink, firstly need to adjust the saturated color of the ink, then make a thin sample, to confirm that if no lack of mass-tone and auxiliary tones, and then use the diluted agent to the required spot color.

6.The color factors affecting the special color ink include printing process, water volume, ink quantity control, speed and printing equipment, etc.,the rules of printing should be controlled to ensure the quality of products. Master the preparation of the special color ink, the control of ink usage, the full use of the ink, etc., not only can save materials, but also can improve personal quality and the technical level correspondingly.

Our RoHS FR4 PCB have ISO9001/ ISO14001 and TS16949 certificated, we can produce high quality custom PCB for you.

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