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PCB contract Manufacturing in China, Aibixing Industrial was founded in 2008, has 10 years of professional experience in HDI PCB production, with ISO, UL certification, is a well-known PCB factory in shenzhen (PCB manufacturer), specializing in the production of HDI circuit boards, high-precision double-sided PCB circuit board, multilayer PCB, impedance PCB, blind/buried hole PCB, gold finger PCB circuit boards and so on.

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PCB contract Manufacturing in China

The purpose of setting test points on the PCB circuit board is to test whether the components on the circuit board conform to the specifications and solderability. For example, if you want to check whether there is any problem with the resistance on a circuit board, the easiest way is to measure the two ends of the circuit board with a universal meter.


But in factory mass production there is no way to let you use meter to slowly measure resistor, capacitor, inductor on the PCB, and even the IC Circuit is correct, so there is the so-called ICT (In Circuit Test) automated test machine, it uses dogan probe (commonly called "needle Bed (Bed-Of-Nails)" fixture) and contact the board all parts need to be measured on line, and then through the SPC is given priority to with sequence, tied for the auxiliary method in measuring the characteristics of electronic parts, usually this test of general board of all parts only need 1~2 minutes can be completed, depending on parts numbers on PCB circuit board, the longer time the more parts.

But if you allow the probe contact directly to the board on electronic components or above its leg, is likely to be crushing some electronic components oppositely, so clever engineers invented the "test point", in the ends of the additional parts to elicit a pair of round dots, there is no welding (mask), can make a test probe access to these small points, without direct contacting the electronic parts.

Characteristics of acumen TSK stress-strain tester:

A. The product is easy to install and directly connects the computer with USB cable.The strain gauge is connected with junction box to make the test point line clearer and easier to be wired during operation.

B. Equipped with a suitcase, the device is easy to move and save.

C. The software operation is very simple, which enables operators to master the test operation interface and report output program in a few minutes.The report analysis software can directly determine the Pass and fail of data according to the set value.

D. We will be equipped with a detailed product user manual, from which we can query the device connection and instructions for software operation.

E. In addition, the single interface for data collection is changed to a multi-channel interface, which makes the operation simpler and the chassis volume smaller.

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