Gold Plated PCB Board 2 Layers

Gold Plated PCB Board 2 Layers

2 Layers Gold Plated PCB Board(AU 0.1um,Ni 5um). Aibixing PCB surface treatment include:OSP, HASL, LF HASL, Immersion gold, Immersion tin,Immersion silver, Gold finger, Hard gold plating, and so on.

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2 Layers Gold Plated PCB Board

Design rule check (DRC)

After the completion of PCB tracking design, it is necessary to carefully check whether the tracking design conforms to the rules formulated by the designer. At the same time, it is also necessary to confirm whether the rules formulated conform to the requirements of the PCB production process. Generally, the following aspects are need to be checked:

Whether the distance between line and line, line and component welding pad, line and through-hole, welding pad and through-hole, through-hole and through-hole are reasonable and meet the production requirements.

If the power and ground line width appropriate, and is the power and ground line tightly coupled (low wave impedance)? Is there any place in PCB where the ground line can be widened?

Whether the best measures are taken for critical signal lines, such as the shortest length, protection lines, and obvious separation of input and output lines.

Analog circuit and digital circuit parts, whether there are independent ground line.

Whether the graphs (such as ICONS and labels) added in PCB will cause short circuit for signals.

Modify some undesirable lines.

Are process lines added to PCB? Whether the soldering resistance conforms to the requirements of production process, whether the size of soldering resistance is appropriate, whether the character mark is pressed on the device welding pad, so as not to affect the quality of electrical installation.

If power formation of multilayer frame edge is narrow, such as the power formation of copper foil board outside cause short circuit. An overview of the purpose of this document is to describe the process and precautions for PCB design using PowerPCB, a PCB design software, and to provide a design specification for designers in a working group to facilitate their communication and mutual inspection.

Gold-plated PCB has been widely used in electronic products due to its advantages of high hardness, abrasion resistance and non-oxidation.

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