Controller PCB Lead free PCB

All Aibixing PCBs are inspected to IPC-A600 Class 2 or higher standards. We use high quality raw materials and strict quality control systems to improve product quality and performance.

Product Details

Application: Consumer Electronics

Layer: 2

Material: FR4

Solder Mask: Green, White

Outer Track W/S: 4/4mil

Inner Track W/S: 4/4mil

Board Thickness: 1.6mm

Min. Hole Diameter: 0.25mm

Controller PCB board is also one kind of printed circuit board, but it is more intelligent and automated than ordinary PCB. Simply say, the board can control something is called controller board. Big to automation equipment of factory, small to children's toy remote-controlled car, all use controller board.The followings are examples of motor and automotive electronic control board.

Motor controller board

Motor is the actuator of automation equipment, also the most critical component for automation equipment. It is like the human hand to perform the intuitive operation. A good guide to "hand" work requires a variety of motor drive control boards; Commonly motor driver controller pcb board are: ACIM-AC induction motor control board, brush dc motor control board, BLDC-motors brushless dc motor control board, stepper motor driver control panel, asynchronous motor control board, synchronous motor control board, servo motor control board, etc.


Automotive electronic control board

Automotive electronic control board is also understood as circuit board used in cars, can be used to monitor driving condition, providing drivers with happy journey service conveniently and safely.Common auto control panel are: car refrigerator panel, car audio control board, GPS positioning control board, car tire pressure monitoring and control board, car reversing radar control board, automotive electronic alarm panel, ABS controller/control system, auto HID headlight controller controller board.

A control system is formed by multiple control boards. Like three computers are linked together, they make up a network.The composition of control system is to facilitate the operation of equipments and automatize production equipment, save personnel operation and improve production capacity and enterprise efficiency.

We can commonly understand for control pcb obard is the main control center for equipment, the equipment do what needs to provide controller board a detailed operation information, just like human brain, guide the body to do something.The controller board is the center of automation equipment, the device quality depends on whether the central controller board design is reasonable and if data analysis is correct and so on.

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