2-layer PCB IPC Class2

2-layer PCB FR4 With Capped Via/Via in pad for Electronic Device, UL, 94v0, Green Soldermask. FR-4 epoxy glass fiber cloth substrate, based on epoxy resin as binder.

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2-layer pcb, FR4, 1.2mm, 1oz/1oz, SM: Green, LF HASL.

Three-proof paint is a special kind of paint used to protect printed circuit boards(whether 2-layer PCB or multilayer PCB) and related equipment from erosion when in bad environment. Three-proof paint has good high and low temperature resistance. After curing, it becomes a transparent protective film, with superior insulation, moisture proof, anti-leakage, shockproof, anti-dust, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti-corona, etc, which improve and extend their lives and ensure the safety and reliability when are used.

 Generally, all circuit boards should be coated with three-proof paint. The coating method can be divided into brush painting, dip coating, spraying, and selective coating.

1. Brush painting is the simplest method of coating. It is usually used for partial repair. It can also be used in laboratory environment or small batch test/production. It is usually used for coating with low quality.

2. The dip coating is widely used,it's applicable to occasions need be completely coated; the coating method is one of the most effective methods.

3. Spraying method is the most common used for coating, which is divided into two kinds: automatic spraying and manual spraying.The investment for manual spraying is small,it's easy to operate; the machine automatic spray coating has good consistency and high production efficiency, so it's easy to realize on-line automatic production, and is suitable for large or medium-sized production. The consistency and material costs are usually better than the dip coating, although it also requires covering process but lower request than dip requirement. The corresponding disadvantages are: it need s covering process; great waste of materials;require many manpower, and the consistency is poor. There may be a shading effect that difficult to coat the area below components.

4. The selective coating process is controlled by automatic equipment and procedures,and selectively coated relevant regions, it's suitable for mass production. It is coated with a non-air nozzle. The coating is accurate and no material waste, suitable for large amount of coated film, but have high requirement for coating equipment.


Three-proof paint is coated on the surface of printed circuit board, forming a three proof of protective film, it can isolate circuit board effectively,and protect circuits from being etched and damaged in bad environment, so as to improve PCB reliability and increase the safety coefficient, then guarantee its service life.


1. If you want a thicker coating, it is best to obtain it by coating two layers thinner paint and must ensure be completely dried for the first layer before coating the second layer.

2, When coat three-proof paint on PCB,the area of connectors, software, switch socket, radiator and flash board area are not allowed to have coating material, it is recommended to be covered by tearproof and cosmetic adhesive tape.

3.All coating operation shall be processed with tempreture not less than 16 ℃ and relative humidity less than 75%. PCB can absorb moisture as a composite material, if do not be dried up first, the three-proof paint cannot protect PCB adequately. Pre-drying, vacuum drying can remove most moisture.

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