Aibixing MCPCB Processing Capability

TypeItemsProcessing Capability
LaminateSurface    finishImmersion silver, ENIG, Lead free HASL,OSP
Metal typeAluminum,coper,copper-al,steel
Dimension1000*1200mm,  600*1500mm
Aluminum board thickness      0.4mm-3.0mm
Copper foil thickness0.5-10oz
Tolerance of board Thickness±0.1mm
Dielectric thickness0.075-0.15mm
Thickness of Copper base0.4-3.2mm
Layers/1-4 Layers
Circuit    traceMin    trace width5mil
Min trace space5mil
Tolerance of trace width/space±15%
Copper foil    thicknessInternal    and external0.5-10oz
Hole    sizeDrilling    hole size0.6-6.0mm
Finished hole size0.6-6.0mm
Hole tolerance±0.05mm
Tolerance of hole position±0.1mm
Aspect ratio5:1
Solder maskMin    solder bridge4mil
DimensionTolerance of outline    dimension±0.1mm
Max dimensionLength: 1500mm, Width: 300mm
ImpedanceImpedance    tolerance±10%
Thermal conductivity 1.0-    8.0w/m-k
Peel strength≥    1.8 N/mm
Surface resistance≥    1*105 M
Volume resistrivity≥    1*106 M
Breakdown voltag 1 Kv/mm    - 4 Kv/mm
Solder fioat260℃,10Min ,No blister,No delamination
Permittivity≤    4.4
Disspation factor≤    0.03

Aibixing FR4 Processing Capability

MaterialCEM-1, CEM-3,FR4(halogen-free)high frequency series
Layer2 -- 1216
Max size580 * 620580 *900 
Finished Board Thickness(T)0.4 - 3.50.3 - 5.4
0.4≤T≤0.8,tolerance +/-0.085 
0.8≤T≤1.0,tolerance +/-0.1 
T≤1.0mm,tolerance +/-10% 
Copper Weight0.5OZ -- 3OZ5OZ
1.2% (Max)1.00%
Impedance Tolerancenatural impedance:+/-10%natural impedance:+/-8%
differential    impedance:+/-10%differential impedance:+/-8%
Surface    TreatmentLF HASL、ENIG、OSP、Immersion tinHybrid surface treatment
Line Width/
     Line Space
Min Hole    Diameter0.2mm0.15mm
Max Hole    Diameter6.5mm 
Hole Copper    Thickness12um --  25umMax 50um
Solder Maskgreen, black, white, blueyellow, coffee
S/M thicknessline/copper surface:12um-25um10um-28um
line angle:5um-15um10um-25um
base material    position:18um-35um35um-35um
Min S/M Bridgebase copper thickness≤H/Hoz,2.5mil 
base copper    thickness≤1/1oz,3.5mil 
base copper    thickness≤2/2oz,1mil 
base copper    thickness≤3/3oz,5.0mil 
Legendmin width:10mil 
Min height:30mil 
min legend s/m    bridge:6mil 
碳油min width 14mil12mil
LF HASL    Thickess0.8um-40um2.5um-40um
ENIG Thicknessnickel thickness:2.54um≤max≤5um 
gold thickness:0.025um≤max≤0.05um 
V-cut slotboard thickness: 0.4mm≤max≤3.0mm0.2mm≤max≤5.0mm
PackageEPE foam &vacuum packingvacuum package bags
PSPlease send drawing files or call us for other special request.